A Terrorist Drone/UAV Attack in the Runway Kill Zone (RKZ) Would Look Like the Bagram 747 Crash

The horrific crash of a 747-400  at Bagram (here) has been investigated (here) and it was caused by a cargo shift that made the tail of the aircraft drop and the nose rise which deprived the wings of lift.

The Bagram 747 crash has many similarities to the even more horrific crash of  AWACS flight Yukla-27, (here) which was caused by the aircraft striking at least two Canada Geese in the Runway Kill Zone (RKZ) as discussed on an earlier post on this blog (here).

Terrorists familiar with the vulnerability of large jet airliners in the RKZ could produce a nearly identical or very similar crash profile to the Bagram event.  They could do this  by mining the Bagram runway with autonomous GPS-guided multi-copters placed exactly where they would collide with each jet turbine as the 747-400 passed through the RKZ of the Bagram runway.

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